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Dr. Enita Ewan,RECE, RSW, PhD

Anita Ewan, PhD, RECE, RSW, CBE, CD

Mother, Knowledge Facilitator, and Community Engagement Specialist 


About Me

Hello! I'm Dr. Anita Ewan, PhD, RECE, RSW. As a mother,  knowledge facilitator, researcher, and community engagement specialist, my heart lies in nurturing and strengthening communities. My educational journey includes a B.A. in Early Childhood Studies, an M.Ed. in Adult Education and Community Development, and a PhD in Social Work.


Currently, I'm conducting postdoctoral research in public health, adding to my ever-expanding expertise. I also teach early childhood studies and social work at the post-secondary level. Leading Ani's Centre for Child, Family, and Community Development, our mission is to build stronger community connections and foster meaningful engagement. Explore further to learn more about my work and dedication.

My Work & Expertise

Fueled by a deep passion for supporting children, families, and communities, my expertise reflects a diverse and rich background. With nearly a decade of teaching experience, I have also actively engaged in child and family services, carried out extensive research, provided consultations, and practiced community social work.


Speaking Engagements

Grounded in my lived, professional, and practical experiences, I've presented in diverse academic and community settings, encompassing all my areas of expertise. I've also facilitated workshops and training sessions, aiming to foster connection, compassion, and empathy among attendees.


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Yemoja's Perinatal Services

As a certified Child Birth Educator and licensing Labour and Postpartum Doula, I now offer an array of perinatal services.


I hold nearly 10 years of teaching experience at the early childhood and post-secondary levels. I currently serve as an Instructor in a Early Childhood Educator and Care program.


I have extensive experience in conducting community-based research and analyzing social policy with an aim to improve the lives of equity-deserving groups. My experience spans many sectors, particularly with different levels of government and community organizations.


Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Articles



Ewan, A.R., Perez. M. & Mohamed, A. (submitted). Creating inclusive learning environments: The effectiveness of critical nurturing pedagogy for diverse students. Journal of Teaching and Learning.


Kissi, E., & Ewan, A. (2023). The erasure of Blackness and shortcomings within the early learning and care sector in Canada: Recommendations for the way forward. Journal of Childhood Studies, 33-47.


Ewan, A.R. (2019). Maintaining the authenticity of co-researcher voice using FPAR principles. Collaborations: A Journal of Community Research and Practice, 2(2):18,1-11.


Cait, C-A., Ewan, A.R., Gokani, R., Moasun, F., Scarborough, J. Stewart, S., & Stuart, H. (2021). Epistemology and arts-based pedagogy: Insights from an autoethnographic case study. Journal of Social Work Education. 1-43.


Book Chapters


Ewan, A.R. (in press). Placemaking in a pandemic: beating the odds, buying properties, and starting over In D.V. Mullings, J. Clarke, O. Adelakum (Eds.), African, Caribbean, and Black people’s resilience during covid-19. Demeter Press

Ewan, A.R., Mullings, D.V. & Clarke, J.T. (2021). The social-cultural production of baby mamas: What do baby mamas mean to and for our society? In D. Este, W.T. Bernard, J.T. Clarke, & D.V. Mullings W.T., Clarke, J.T, Mullings, D.V. (Eds.), Africentric social work: Best practices in working with African communities in the diaspora. Fernwood Publishing.


Ewan, A.R. (2021) A village saved us. In, P. Tomasi, J. Charlebois (Eds.), You are not alone: An anthology of perinatal mental health stories from conception to postpartum. Wintertickle Press.

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Dr. Anita Ewan, PhD, RECE, RSW  is a Mother, Knowledge Facilitator, and Community Engagement Specialist.

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Dr. Enita Ewan,RECE, RSW, PhD
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